Before you go to the training, you might be interested in these time-saving templates (inclulding Resell Rights). This offer is only available for a limited time.

Digital Papers Reseller Cover

Looking for ready-made beautiful in-demand digital products with Canva templates included AND reseller rights? (Yes, resell rights included)

Grab these templates for your own use or use them to sell in your business. You can also change the colors and design and sell the templates with PLR rights for others to use in their business!

Why are these so good?

Because all of these digital papers are hand-made. Yes, they are created from scratch. There is no AI generation used for these papers.

So, what's the advantage?

Not only are these hand-made digital papers but you also get the Canva templates included. This means you can move the design elements around in any way you like to change them and make them your own creation!

These are high quality templates which you can edit in Canva. You can use them as they are for your own printable or digital projects or change as many elements as you like to make them your own.

These digital paper templates will save you so much time. They'll help you to get those printable and digital products listed fast.

So... what's included?

What do you get?

You get 168 digital papers, including...

Canva templates provided (these can be used with a Free or a Pro Canva account)

Reseller license is included subject to changing the colors and design before selling the templates

Sample of Digital Papers

That's 160+ templates in total!

This is the easiest way to start selling digital papers without starting from scratch

Think about it... If you want to sell multiple digital products in the same niche - Digital Scrapbooking is the best place to be. Start with digital papers and you can't go wrong!

Digital Scrapbooking sample1
Digital Scrapbooking sample2

You get a variety of designs and colors to suit every printable or digital project.

Are these Digital Paper Templates right for you?

Do you want to save time? Using ready-made digital paper templates can save you a lot of time because you don't need to start from scratch.

Do you want to sell multiple products with a consistent look? By using templates you can get the same look and feel across your designs making it easier to create a coherent and unified product line.

Do you want to sell high quality digital papers? These templates are designed as high quality products with well-considered color schemes and design elements.

Do you want to cut down the time for brainstorming creation ideas? Using these templates reduces the time it takes to come up with initial ideas and find images you can use to implement the creation.

Do you want reusable digital papers? These templates are yours to change and edit as many times as you like to create more designs.

Are you looking for PLR templates with resell rights? These templates can be resold as long as you change the colors and design (and don't pass on reseller rights)

Grab these PLR Digital Paper Templates (with Resell Rights included) today to save time and sell high quality printable and digital products easily


For these private label rights (PLR) printables this is what you can and can't do:



Refund Policy

The sale is final. Due to the nature of these products being digital there are no refunds available.

Results Disclaimer:

Results are not guaranteed. I cannot guarantee that you will make good money or any money at all from using these templates. I don't know your business, your skill level or how much effort you will put in to your work. I am providing you with templates that may or may not result in earnings.

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