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Thinking about creating digital planners?

But you don't want to spend hours creating hundreds of pages and thousands of links just to have your customers complain that the file is too large to download?

There is an easier way

You can still create a digital product to be used on an iPad or Android Tablet

You can still offer the convenience of a digital product that is always accessible

You can still sell downloadable digital products in your online shop

But... without all that hard work creating a digital planner with thousands of links

There is a solution...

And you've found it!


Digital Trackers For Disproportionate Profit

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Why Digital Trackers?

Faster to create than a digital planner

High-demand product

Provides a customer-focused solution

Unlimited niche options

Easily expands your product line

If you're an aspiring digital entrepreneur eager to carve out your niche in the lucrative world of online products, it's time to go beyond the Printable Planners, beyond the Meditation Printables and beyond the Journaling Pages.

It's time to EXPAND your product line!

There's no need to give up what you love. Keep your printables but ADD an extra product line to ensure you're up-to-date and offering your customers everything they want!

You know you've been thinking about it...

You've been wondering whether digital planners will be your next big thing.

But you're worried about the time it will take to create such a large product.

With hundreds of pages and thousands of links required by a digital planner, you feel like it might be beyond your capability (or more importantly, beyond your patience!)

We've all been there. We've all wondered whether it is worth it.

"Should I go down that path? Is the payoff worth the time?"

With digital planners there's a lot to do

And even if you use software to help you create all those links, you still face the wrath of customers who get annoyed at the file size to download the planner. You begin to wonder why you ever decided to create such a large digital product that was so time consuming.

There is an easier way

You can still offer your customers a digitally accessible product that works beautifully on a digital device but won't give you a headache just thinking about how to create it.

Digital trackers are a high-demand product.

Not only are there customers searching for digital trackers in the thousands every day, but you can also create them easily and list them in your shop fast.

It's a numbers game. If you want to sell more, you need to list more for sale.

That's not to say that every product will be a roaring success. However, you won't know which products will be your best sellers until you get them up there all shiny and new and available for your customers.

You need to put the products out there to find out which ones sell best. If you spend weeks or even months designing a digital planner only to find that it is not performing well in your shop, maybe you should change your approach.

...maybe you should sell a smaller digital product that is faster to create and easier for customers to download (because let's face it, no one likes to have their time wasted with customer service requests - whether you're a seller OR a buyer).

Examples of Digital Tracker listings for sale

By the end of this course you'll be equipped with the skills you need to create in-demand digital trackers for use on iPads and Android tablets

If you've been thinking about expanding your product line, beyond printables and into digitals, this is the perfect time.

Mitzy Thompson's new course is available so you can learn easily and successfully how to create Digital Trackers.

Ditch the Digital Planner Grind and Instead... Use Two Techniques To Create Digital Trackers For Rapid Results

This is the course you've been looking for. This is the course that will change your approach to digital downloadable products.

You will learn exactly how to create digital trackers using two techniques.

1. First, you'll learn how to make digital trackers for iPads and Android Tablets

2. You will uncover how to meet the expectations associated with digital trackers.

3. You will learn practical tips and tricks to attract buyers and keep them coming back as satisfied customers.

In the second technique you will discover:

4. The easiest way to create fillable trackers that allow your customers to enter information into the tracker using a keyboard.

5. How to leverage the time-saving benefits of repurposing existing printables to create your digital trackers. But you'll also learn where the limitations lie and how to navigate around them.

Plus, in addition to these two techniques (digital trackers and fillable trackers), you also receive a Bonus module showing you how to create a digital tracker for phones.

Think about it... almost everyone has a phone on them almost all of the time.

If you can sell a digital tracker to a customer to use it on their phone, you have an ever-growing audience.

Most people want convenience, and to be honest, that's why they are buying a digital tracker. They want to have a way to record the habit or action they are tracking. They want the convenience of noting the information as it happens so they don't need to remember it for later. It is convenient to use a digitial tracker rather than trying to keep all that information in their head. So, having a digital tracker accessible on your phone just makes sense!

In the Bonus Module you'll get a wealth of information to explain how customers are using digital trackers on phones and how you can design your product to suit their needs. The Bonus includes over-the-shoulder video training showing you exactly how to create a digital tracker to be used on a smart phone.

Just think about those numbers for a minute!

There is a huge opportunity in the market right now for people who can create and sell products to homeschooling families.

Homesch Techniques person9

Think about it... the opportunity is going to be even greater in the future. If you start creating and selling in this lucrative market now you're setting yourself up for success for years to come.

So, what will you learn in the Digital Trackers course?

You will learn...

Course modules

Module 1 - Mastering Digital Trackers The Right Way

Uncover the essentials regarding two different digital trackers to allow you to choose

Key information crucial for maximizing the benefits of this course

Discover actionable strategies to harness the full potential of selling digital trackers

Course modules

Module 2 - Why Digital Trackers? And How To Deal With The Expectation

Why you need to determine a use case before you start creating a digital tracker

How to manage and meet expectations associated with digital trackers

Discover practical approaches to address digital tracker expectations for successful outcomes

Course modules

Module 3 - How To Attract A Strong Buying Audience In The Digital Tracker Market

Explore diverse niches within the tracker market to identify lucrative opportunities

Learn strategic methods to captivate and attract a robust buying audience

Discover effective techniques to meet the specific needs of potential customers

Course modules

Module 4 - The Planning Phase For Success

Uncover the crucial steps in the planning phase to pave the way to succeed with trackers

Learn to set clear objectives in the planning phase – it’s not about the content!

Mistakes to avoid when you’re planning so you don’t take any longer in creation

Course modules

Module 5 - Using Printables To Save Time – But Know The Limitations!

Explore the time-saving benefits of utilizing printable trackers to streamline your digital creation

Learn to leverage the advantages while understanding and navigating the limitations

Discover practical insights to use all those templates you already own

Course modules

Module 6 - Creating Digital Trackers For iPad And Android Tablets

Learn the essentials of designing digital trackers tailored for iPad and Android tablets

Discover specialized techniques to optimize user experience and functionality

Explore best practices for user-friendly digital trackers that attract repeat buyers

Course modules

Module 7 - How To Create A Larger Digital Tracker With Complexity

Explore the intricacies of creating larger digital trackers without turning them into planners

Learn advanced techniques to enhance your productivity for creating more complex projects

Discover how to easily incorporate more details, to offer a comprehensive user experience

Course modules

Module 8 - Mastering Fillable Trackers

Learn the art of creating fillable trackers optimized to appeal to buyers

Discover techniques to enhance user engagement with helpful trackers

Explore ways to make your fillable trackers stand out in comparison to your competition

Course modules

Bonus Module - Designing Digital Trackers For Phones

Explore the intricacies of crafting digital trackers specifically tailored for mobile phones

Learn effective strategies to ensure optimal functionality and user experience on smaller screens

Discover key considerations for creating user-friendly digital trackers suited to phones

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Homeschool Printables Techniques provides full implementation where you get to see the printables created from scratch in Canva!

Over-the-shoulder videos with step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to follow along.

If you don't know which niche to start selling in, this training will show you how easy it is to start in the homeschool niche and keep expanding within it - there are so many opportunities.

It's time to take action

Digital Trackers for Disproportionate Profit cover

This course includes 8 video training modules with over-the-shoulder learning to help you discover new techniques to create in-demand homeschool printables.

You'll also receive an infographic to help you improve your workflow.

Plus you get the Canva templates you see created in the course.

And... you'll see how to use AI tools to shortcut large sections of work.

And... you won't need any paid software to undertake this course. All of this training is focused on Canva (free version) and other free online tools.

Think about it... what better way is there to start selling in a niche where the demand is growing every year and the customers are repeat buyers?

What's covered in this course?...

That's 8 comprehensive training lessons, 13 over-the-shoulder technique-teaching videos, infographic, Canva templates and bonus training module - all with a focus of helping you to make in-demand educational printables for the homeschooling market to attract buyers and make sales.

You can be any age and have any level of experience to start creating printables in the homeschooling niche - no experience necessary!

It's time... to learn to create

Digital Trackers

quickly & easily

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is looking for an easy-to-create printable product to offer in a market where your business is scalable in the future.

Why would you sell in this niche?

Because once you have the skills to create printable products in this niche, you can pivot any time you need, to serve a market that is constantly growing and hungry for more content.

Here's what people are saying about Homeschool Printables Techniques To Create For Profit...

Shannon with her adorable dog

"I've enjoyed all Mitzy's courses that I've taken and this was no exception. I especially loved all her great productivity tips and variation ideas.

Mitzy teaches you to work smarter and not harder. This course contains tons of ideas to create homeschool printables that you can easily fill a shop with or make into books for KDP. And all with free tools!"

~Shannon Furrow, TailsAndTravels.com

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"Mitzy, I’ve gone through your course now, and I must admit that for every product you launch, my respect for you and the knowledge you share grows.

This is yet another course I didn’t know I needed until I actually went through it. There are easy-to-understand videos, and there are in-depth teachings, but still so thoroughly conducted that the process becomes easy to execute.

Thank you so much for all you do."


Chris H Photo

"I didn't think I knew enough about homeschooling to sell in this area. With Mitzy's Homeschooling Printables course I was blown away by the detail included. I learned new techniques to use and I found out what to make to sell to homeschoolers. She gives you every step you need and it is all with free softwares.

I learned more about creating printables in this course on homeschooling than I have in other courses about printables! This course has given me confidence to start selling in this area and I would never have had this without Mitzy's course."

~Chris H

Discover the easiest way to create homeschool printables in this lucrative market for young kids through to teens

Digital Trackers for Disproportionate Profit cover

Grab Homeschool Printables Techniques To Create For Profit today to start creating and selling in this booming market

Grab your copy today of this comprehensive video training course to discover how to create homeschool printables and achieve the success you deserve

Results Disclaimer:

Results are not guaranteed. I cannot guarantee that you will make good money or any money at all from using this course. I don't know your business, your skill level or how much effort you will put in to your work. I am providing you with training to learn new skills that may or may not result in earnings.


Neither this training product, nor the author of this training product, has endorsement or any acknowledged association of any kind with Etsy.com or KDP or Google Sheets or Google.com or any of these companies' subsidiaries.

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