Before you go to your purchase, I want to offer you an easier way to make sales faster by narrowing down your niche...

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Want lower competition?

Looking for an exciting product to sell, that's popular and useful, but won't take hours to create?

Have you heard about Dark Mode Products?

When you create Dark Mode Digital Trackers you have a ready-made audience

Dark Mode is desirable for different reasons so you have multiple buyers

Many people are still discovering the benefits of Dark Mode Digital Products so this market is growing

Dark Mode Products are easy to create when you learn a few tricks and avoid mistakes

And if you want to learn fast...

Here's the solution


Dark Mode Digital Trackers

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Why create in Dark Mode?

Simple to create

High-demand product

Gives customers what they want

Multiple target audiences

Expand your current product range

There's more to Dark Mode than changing a few colors. Discover the best strategies to create Dark Mode Digital Trackers that customers want to buy!

Dark Mode is your secret weapon for success

Why? With low competition and a ready-to-buy audience, this is your opportunity to benefit from a little-known niche.

What is the difference?

Dark Mode isn't just about an aesthetic choice.

Dark Mode Digital Trackers offer reduced blue light for the user.

They also offer low glare options for comfort viewing before bedtime.

Dark Mode is sometimes preferred by people with light sensitivity.

The features that set Dark Mode Digital Trackers apart from other Digital Trackers are numerous and you can benefit from keen customers who know what functionality they expect from this type of product.

By the end of this course you'll be equipped with the skills you need to create Dark Mode Digital Trackers for use on iPads and Android tablets

If you've been looking for a low competition niche, this is perfect.

This new course is available so you can learn easily and successfully how to create Dark Mode Digital Trackers.

You'll discover how to give the buyers in this market exactly the product they expect to receive, no guessing.

What's included in Dark Mode Digital Trackers?

You will discover...

Course modules

Module 1 - What Is Dark Mode And Why Do Buyers Want It?

Course modules

Module 2 - User Requirements and Differentiation

Course modules

Module 3 - Design Fundamentals for Dark Mode

Course modules

Module 4 -Layout of Your Dark Mode Digital Tracker

Course modules

Module 5 - Practical Example for Dark Mode Digital Trackers

Course modules

Module 6 - Visual Marketing for Dark Mode Digital Trackers

Dark Mode Digital Trackers Person 1

Dark Mode Digital Trackers shows you exactly how to create a dark mode tracker from scratch.

Over-the-shoulder videos with step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to follow along.

Learn why visual marketing for your dark mode tracker is so important and how to do it.

It's time to take action

Dark Mode Digital Trackers course image

This course includes 6 video training modules.

You'll discover how to design for the dark mode audience, what they want and how to meet their requirements.

Plus you get the Canva templates you see created in the course.

All free tools used - no cost involved

And... you won't need any paid software to undertake this course. All of this training is focused on Canva (free version)

Think about it... dark mode trackers are not well-known yet and that means you don't have much competition. And yet the buyers are specifically looking for them as "dark mode" products. You can cash in!

Plus... did you say BONUS!?

Yes! That's correct, you get the Bonus included

That's 6 training modules with easy-to-follow teaching videos, Canva template and Bonus Checklist with 150 Dark Mode Tracker Product Ideas - all included.

It's time... to learn to create

Dark Mode Digital Trackers

quickly & easily

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is looking for an easy way to sell digital products online

Why would you sell in this niche?

Because it is a low competition niche with huge potential. When you learn what the dark mode audience expects from their dark mode digital trackers, you can list more in-demand products in your shop.

Here's what people are saying about Dark Mode Digital Trackers...

Shannon with her adorable dog

This course went beyond my expectations. When I saw the title, I thought to myself: "How hard can it be to make dark mode digital trackers? Just make the background black and the text white." After watching Mitzy's course, I realized there is a lot more to it than that. Mitzy goes in depth on how to create these types of trackers so that they will appeal to users and be functional.

She goes over lots of tips and tricks and walks you through making a multi-page tracker in this format. I also like the video that shows ways to market them with your mockups and listing pics. This is a very comprehensive course and I highly recommend it.

~Shannon F.

Discover Simple Strategies for Designing and Creating Digital Trackers in Dark Mode

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Grab Dark Mode Digital Trackers and discover how easy it is to create these low competition products

Grab your copy and get started today to achieve the success you deserve

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