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How to Use Graphics in New and Exciting Ways to Earn More from Every Blog Post You Publish

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You want to earn more from your blog or website. 

What do you do?

You’ve used graphics in the past but it hasn’t turned into an income from your site.

Is there a better way?

Can graphics help you to earn more from your site?

With this latest course you can do more with your graphics or banners.

Blog Post Payday – How to Use Graphics in New and Exciting Ways to Earn More from Every Blog Post You Publish will give you the solution you’ve been looking for.

This is the missing piece to the puzzle that’s been keeping you from doing better with graphics and banners on your site. 

With 9 easy lessons to follow you’ll be taking action in a very short time. Your site will give you better results and you’ll be wanting to use more graphics to work your magic. 

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Blog Post Payday

Are you wondering what the secret is to using PLR to earn more?

Want to know how some people are increasing their click through rate by using PLR?

This course is for anyone who wants to save time and effort but get more clicks on their links.


Module 1

Affiliate Marketing Banners vs Advertising Banners

Module 2

What’s the Big Deal About Seasonal Graphics

Module 3

Congruence to Get More Clicks on Graphics

Module 4

In-Content Images Count

Module 5

Start at the Top

Module 6

Add Low Content Posts to Your Site

Module 7

Test Your Graphics – Find Out What’s Working

Module 8

Optimize Your Images for Greater Traffic

Module 9

Banners and Graphics for Your Own Products

Find out how to use graphics to earn more on every blog post you publish on your blog. 

This course is perfect for bloggers, affiliate marketers and sellers of digital products.

With 9 easy video modules you’ll be taking action today.

Blog Post Payday

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this video or an eBook?

This is a video course

When can I start this course?

You can start this course at any time because it is delivered online

Do I need to view it on a computer screen?

You can view this course on any screen, it is responsive

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Blog Post Payday

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