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Do you know... there's an easy way to earn more from your printables without running paid ads or increasing prices?

You can give your printables sales a boost without changing even one thing in your product.

Let's face it... You have a great product, you're getting traffic but you're not making good sales. Could it be your mockup? Could it be because people are not "seeing" your product?

You don't need to pay for advertising to get more sales, you need to change your mockup!

It's time to make people fall in love with your product

Visual image accounts for 93% of a person's buying decision. If you want to increase your sales, it's time to grab your buyers' attention and... it takes more than a good headline!

It doesn't matter whether you've got the best printable product in the world, if your audience can't see it, they won't buy it.

Mockups make your product real

Buyers form their first impression of your product within 4 seconds. Mockups help them to make that buying decision.

A picture is worth a thousand words... and possibly a thousand dollars (or a lot more!)

The right mockup could make the difference between success or failure online.

It's time to realize...

Mockups are not about making a pretty image.

They're about making money.

It's as simple as that!

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Making a mockup is easy, but do you know how to make a sales-converting mockup that will grow your business?


Mockup Profit Multiplier

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This is the comprehensive video training course you need. Discover how to create and use professional-looking mockups to earn more.

Why do you need this training course?

Because mockups, used the right way, increase sales of printables.

And... if you know how to make eye-catching mockups from scratch you're not limited to the same images used by everyone else.

Discover the secret to successfully creating eye-catching mockups from scratch and learn how to use them to make more sales

Learn how to make smart drag'n'drop mockup templates from scratch to entice customers and move forward in your business.

Create printables mockups, from simple to complex designs, so you take control of your work and get the results you deserve.

See over-the-shoulder videos with step-by-step techniques to create beautiful mockups easier than ever before.

Discover the power of mockups to unlock the secret to success in your printables business.

Easily learn the skills to create smart mockup templates you can use over-and-over in your business to save time and grow sales.

By the time you finish this course you will have the skills to make custom reusable mockups AND know how to use them to earn more!

This training course is for you...

Even if... you've never made a mockup before

Even if... you haven't started your business

Even if... you don't think you have time

Even if... you don't own graphic design software

Even if... you don't know how to use a mockup

In this course you will learn:

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Module 1 - The Psychology of Mockups (Discover the Psychology of Mockups to Make More Sales)

How to grab your audience's attention before they know what hit them

Why mockups result in more sales (but only if you know the right way to use them)

How to make your printable product irresistible to your customer (engage this emotion and you've made the sale)

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Module 2 - Simple Printables Mockups (How to Create the Best Mockup for Multiple Uses)

How to breathe life into your printable product (discover how to go way beyond a shadow under a page!)

Discover the secret to getting the size right for your printable mockup every time

Step-by-step instructions to create your own custom drag'n'drop mockup template in any shape you want

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Module 3 - Printables Mockup Banners (When and How to Use Banners for the Best Sales Results)

Discover how to go beyond the mockup and entice your customers to buy (include this secret ingredient and you'll make more sales)

Learn about the advantages of the banner and when it should be used (it's easier than you think)

Why a mockup banner is more important for printables than any other digital product (get this right and you're ahead of the competition)

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Module 4 - Product Mockups In Situ (How to Create this Type of Mockup for Professional Results Using Irregular Shapes)

The mistakes to avoid when you're using an in-situ mockup

Walk-through instructions to make a smart mockup from scratch to reuse again and again

Avoid the limitation of regular shapes and learn to create realistic mockups from scratch with irregular shapes

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Module 5 - 3D Mockups (Discover When to Use 3D Mockups and How to Do It)

Discover 3 ways to create 3D mockups so you're ready to go (and you'll get professional results every time)

How to create a fast 3D mockup when you're in a hurry (never be caught short)

The easiest way to make a 3D mockup from scratch to suit your product (never again be held back by design limitations)

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Module 6 - Combination Mockups (Realistic or unrealistic, this mockup can be used either way)

Discover the difference between a combination mockup and other types (and why you need them)

Learn how to use the advantages of a combination mockup

Techniques to use for the combination mockup which are different from other mockups

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Bonus Module 1 - Putting It All Together (How to Make Mockups Work For You)

The easiest way to make mockups work for you in your printables online business.

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Bonus Module 2 - Making Money From Mockups (6 Ways to Earn An Income From Mockups)

If you're not already earning money directly from mockups, you're in for a treat. Learn how to expand your business into the mockups niche.

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Don't get left behind!

Outshine your competitors

If you're selling on Etsy it's even more important to use good mockups because the buyers can see your competitors' products on the same page!

67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is very influential in their decision to purchase online.

Mockup Profit Multiplier box-min

This course includes 14 video training modules with over-the-shoulder learning to help you discover new techniques to create attention-grabbing mockups.

You'll also receive 20 worksheets to accompany the modules plus the infographic putting it all together and a mockup tracker to help you earn more by using the best mockup.

2 Bonuses Included - receive two bonus video training modules.

And... brand new Canva mockup templates x10 included!

Stop wondering whether you're leaving money on the table. Start earning more from your printable products easily.

Think about it... you put a lot of time and effort into creating your printables. You offer unique and beautiful creations and you deserve to earn more from them. Isn't it time you learned to create and use mockups properly?

Plus, there's something else you should know...

By the time you finish this course you will have the skills to not only create stunning mockups for your own business but you'll also know how to make custom mockup templates to earn money directly as a separate business model (if you want to).

The purpose of this course is two-fold. You learn how to make attention-grabbing mockups to make more printable product sales but you also learn how to create smart drag-n-drop mockup templates which can be sold as products on their own.

You're getting two training courses in one! So, if you're looking for an extra business branch to add to your printables shop this is a great way to introduce an additional income stream from mockups.

These types of mockups are complex but they're not difficult to create. Once you take the training you'll have all the skills you need (and everything is done using free software tools, there's no extra cost).

You're in business to be successful

There's no reason to wait and wonder whether you could be earning more from your printables store. Find out what you should be doing to attract more customers to your products.

What's covered in this course?...

You also learn...

Included you'll receive...

Plus, you also get...

In addition, you'll receive...

And last but not least, you get...

That's 7 comprehensive training videos, 7 over-the-shoulder technique-teaching videos, an infographic, mockup tracker, worksheets, 2 bonus training modules, and mockup templates to give you a head start.

Learn the techniques to create



Who is this course for?

Anyone who creates printables for sale (or is going to create printables for sale in the future).

Who is this course not for?

Anyone who only creates printables for their own personal use.


Because this training, on mockups creation and use, is focused on making more sales from your printable products. If you're not trying to earn money from your printables, you don't need this course!

Everything you'll learn in this course is focused on improving your earnings from printables.

Here's what people are saying about Mockup Profit Multiplier...

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"Mockup Profit Multiplier is really a superb product! Mockups are vital to online sales success. I use them all the time and really see sales soar with their use. A course dedicated to mockup creation is a must for anyone who sells online. Mitzy provides hours of in depth video training. I learned quite a bit! One thing that always confused me is how to make mockups with irregular shapes. Now I know thanks to detailed coverage of the techniques. You really need to learn what Mitzy has in her new product. This is pure gold!" - Ken Bluttman

Jan Small's photo

"I didn't think I had much to learn about mockups as I've always used them with my printables and even created some for sale, but I was blown away by this in-depth training and came away with plenty of new techniques and ideas to try." - Jan Small

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"Mitzy’s done it again. This time with Mockup Profit Multiplier. I believe that this is something any person in the low content niche industry needs these days. Anyone can buy bundles with ready made mockups for their products. But only by implementing the teachings from Mockup Profit Multiplier, including the psychology behind the mockups you should be creating for your own products, will you be able to create mockups that really stand out, and will bring in more sales. And of course, if you want, you can resell all the mockups you create, in your own store, and in your own bundles if you want to." - Cecilie Aslaksen

Cheryl H

"Mitzy's Mockup Profit Multiplier course is brilliant! It's the perfect mix of theory and then rolling up your sleeves using Canva and a few other free apps. Her tricks for creating Canva frames to actually fit the mockups. I have made over a half dozen specialty sized templates for my use and that is just one item! When I needed an in situ mockup in a medical exam room, there were none to be found on any site. Using Mitzy's course, I followed the steps and, voila, now I have my very own mockups for my medical posters on Etsy. It was so empowering! For anyone who loves to DIY, Mitzy's course makes you feel like a Canva pro! Highly recommended!!" - Cheryl H

Discover the best way to create stunning mockups and learn how to use them to easily sell more printable products

Mockup Profit Multiplier box-min

Grab Mockup Profit Multiplier today to fast-track your printables business

What's included?

7 Comprehensive Video Training Lessons (showing you the best ways to create and use mockups for your printable products)

14 Printable Worksheets Comprised of 20 Pages (to take you through the course seamlessly)

7 Over-The-Shoulder Training Videos Making Mockups (covering simple through to advanced techniques to show you everything you need)

Canva Templates for Mockups x10 (only available in this course)

Infographic To Discover How To Bring It All Together As Your Own System For Creating Mockups Effortlessly

Mockup Tracker (To Help You To Make The Best Decisions For Your Printable Products)

Bonus Modules x2 (Discover How to Put All The Training Together To Make It Work For You PLUS Learn The Best 6 Ways To Earn Money From Mockups as a Separate Business)

Grab your copy today of this comprehensive video training course to discover how to create and use eye-catching mockups to make the sales you deserve

Results are not guaranteed. I cannot guarantee that you will make good money or any money at all from using this course. I don't know your business, your skill level or how much effort you will put in to your work. I am providing you with training to learn new skills that may or may not result in earnings.

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