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It's Mitzy Thompson here. My latest release is a comprehensive video training course called...

Mockup Profit Multiplier

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This course will show your customers how to create and use attention-grabbing mockups to achieve more from their printable products.

The lessons use free tools such as Canva and other online tools to create mockups. The training provides 7 comprehensive video lessons on mockups as well as worksheets.

Your customers will also receive over-the-shoulder video lessons on each of the techniques they need to know to create mockups (from simple through to advanced techniques).

Bonus modules x2 - your customers will also receive two bonus modules showing them how to put all the training together to make it work for them PLUS the 6 best ways to earn a separate income from mockups

This is what the funnel looks like...

(you can click on the image to see the Sales Page for each product)

Front End: Comprehensive video training course on creating and using Mockups ($97 value, launch price $19.95)

OTO 1: Listing Mockup Canva Templates (brand new being sold for the first time with this launch) with resell rights included ($97 value, launch price $37)

OTO 2: Package deal of 10 Personal Development Printable PLR Packs of Journals & Planners from Mitzy's PLR store ($370 value, launch price $67)

Total funnel: $123.95

Affiliate commission: 50% throughout the funnel

Launch starts: Friday, October 7th, 2022 at 9am Eastern

Launch ends: Friday, October 14th, 2022 at 11.59pm Eastern

Please note: After the launch ends the price for Mockup Profit Multiplier will immediately go up to $47. Later it will go up to full price of $97.

Similarly, immediately at the end of the launch the Mockup Listing Templates will go up to $47 before going the full price of $97 soon after and the PLR Printables Personal Development Journals & Panners Pack will go up to $295.

However, this is an evergreen funnel. If you miss the launch please contact me (mitzy@mitzythompson.com) to find out when I will offer a sale on these products (but it won't be as cheap as the launch price).

Email Swipes:

Email 1:

Subject: Want to sell more printables the easy way?


Are you looking for a way to sell more of your printables without paying for ads or having to make any changes at all to your products?


My friend, Mitzy Thompson, has just released a new course called Mockup Profit Multiplier.


This is a comprehensive video training course showing you how to create and use mockups in ways I’ve never seen taught before. 


This course uses free software like Canva to do this. And you get a lot more than just the video lessons.


What’s included in Mockup Profit Multiplier?


-7 Comprehensive Video Training Lessons (showing you the best ways to create and use mockups in your business)

-14 Printable Worksheets comprised of 20 pages (to take you through the course seamlessly)

-7 Over-The-Shoulder Training Videos Making Mockups (covering simple through to advanced techniques showing you everything you need to know)

-Canva Templates for Mockups x10 (only available in this course)

-Infographic To Discover How To Bring It All Together As Your Own System For Creating Mockups effortlessly

-Mockup Tracker (to help you make the best decisions for your printable products)

-Bonus Modules x2 (Discover how to put all the training together to make it work for you PLUS learn the best 6 ways to earn money from mockups as a separate business)


This full training course is on a launch price for a short time only.


Grab your copy of Mockup Profit Multiplier [insert aff link]


To your success,
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Email 2:


Subject: How they do it


Yesterday I told you about a new training course showing you how to make and use mockups to move your business forward.


This course gives you the techniques you need to make mockups yourself. You don’t need to be limited by other people’s templates. You don’t need to rely on paid mockups that often can’t provide you with the details you need in your niche.


In Mockup Profit Multiplier you’ll learn how the experts make custom mockups so you’re never limited by pre-made mockups again.


Not only will you be able to use these techniques for your own printables business but you’ll also acquire the skills to be able to have a separate mockups business (if you want to). 


This course lets you build your income and expand into a new business branch for extra income.


If you’ve always wondered how people make those drag-n-drop mockups that look really professional, you’ll love what you learn in Mockup Profit Multiplier.


This training starts with simple techniques and moves through to advanced techniques. You can use as many or as few of the techniques as you like.


And for this price, it’s a steal!


This is unbelievable value for what you get at the launch price!


Check it out, take a look at Mockup Profit Multiplier here [insert aff link]


To your success,
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Email 3:


Subject: The easiest way to build your printables earnings


Remember how I told you about Mitzy’s latest course, Mockup Profit Multiplier?


I need to tell you about the upsells too.


When you buy Mockup Profit Multiplier take a look at the upsells because they offer great value.


The first upsell is a brand new set of Canva Mockup Templates. They’re great value at the launch price plus you get reseller rights included. If you want to start a mockups business this is an easy way to hit the ground running.


These mockup templates are heavily discounted during this launch (especially when you consider they come with resell rights) so grab them while you can.


And there’s a second upsell too.


It’s a bundle of 10 PLR printable packs from Mitzy’s PLR store. You’re getting all ten at a big discount.


If you need printables ready to sell immediately, you can’t go wrong grabbing this huge pack of personal development journals and planners (Canva templates included).


>>Take a look at Mockup Profit Multipliers here [insert aff link]


To your success,
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Email 4:


Subject: Final Days, You’ll Need To Be Fast


This is one of those opportunities you’ll regret if you miss it.


Mitzy’s latest training course, Mockup Profit Multiplier, will be going up in price soon.


The launch ends on Friday, October 14th at 11.59pm. After that the price immediately goes up to $47 and soon after that it goes to it’s regular price of $97.


>Grab Mockup Profit Multiplier here [insert aff link]


This is a comprehensive video training course and if you’ve ever enrolled in one of Mitzy’s courses before you’ll know she over delivers.


The current price is ridiculously low. This is a huge opportunity to grab this training at the discounted price.


It will never be this price again.


>Grab Mockup Profit Multiplier here [insert aff link]


Hurry, this is a great opportunity!


To your success,
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Mitzy Thompson

Mitzy Thompson