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It's inevitable... at some point in your business you're going to realize that the faster you work, the more you can earn. But... how to do it when you're only one person?

It helps if you can get some expert assistance from the beginning.

So... what is this all about?

This is the way forward. This is the way to speed up your digital product creation AND give yourself the confidence you need to make printables and other digital products to sell.

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Essential Trackers - Quick Start PLR Kit

Templates +


These are premium templates you won't find anywhere else

Increase the quality of your printables and digital download products using professional templates

Start creating printables and other products with the best and boost your confidence

But, what are PLR rights?

Private Label Rights (PLR rights) allow you to take the templates and edit them to create your own product to sell. You can change the colors, the fonts, the images, style, written content, everything! If you want to.

Or... you can use each page as is to download as a PDF to sell.

Of course, the amount you need to change the templates will often be determined by the platform you're going to sell on (and I'll cover that in the video training!)

So... what's included in the essential tracker pages?

Essential Trackers pages

37 unique essential tracker pages with the Canva templates included.

You get enough variety of pages to create a multi-page tracker ready-to-sell.

There's a Study Tracker, Self-Care Tracker, Medication Tracker, Pain Tracker, Work Hours Tracker, Expense Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Workout Tracker and so much more!

You can see some of the essential tracker pages in the images on this page (not all pages are shown)

Plus... you get PLR rights so you can edit these templates, download the PDF and sell it to your customers.

That's right, all it takes is 3 easy steps...

1. Edit the templates

2. Download the PDF

3. Sell to your customers

These stylish tracker pages will save you so many hours.

And let's face it, no one likes starting with a blank page!

By using beautifully designed templates you can add your own style without the procrastination of not knowing where to start.

Trackers for a Student on a desk

Just so you know: These are not your average planner template pages... these are professionally designed pages using elements, colors and styles that complement each other.

You can easily mix and match the pages or change the color scheme because the pages are specifically designed for this purpose.

And your customers will love these!

Not only do you get these useful tracker pages but you also get the video training included.

Yes, you get training on how to set up your pages in Canva and how to edit the pages with all the tips and tricks you need to make your own digital product to sell.

Plus... you don't need to use any paid software to edit these planner templates.

You get 37 unique pages as Canva templates and you can use these templates over and over again to create hundreds of different products.

The Private Label Rights (PLR rights) allow you to use the templates to create your own planners to sell. Of course, please note, you are not allowed to give or sell the Canva templates to your customers (or anyone else). You must download the pages as a PDF and then sell the PDF version with Personal Use Rights. Only YOU get the PLR rights, not your customer! But... this means you can keep using the template to create different planners to download as a PDF file and sell to different customers.

This is the easiest way to fast track your creation of printables and other small digital products.

You buy the templates once and you can keep editing them again and again to create different tracker products.

After you download the PDF file to sell to your customers there's no limit on how many copies you can sell - the sky's the limit!

This is the beauty of selling digital products. You create the product once and sell it over and over again.

In the video training you will see exactly how to download the PDF file ready to sell.

It's time to take action

Essential Trackers Quick Start Kit PLR

You get 37 essential tracker pages

You get video training

You get Canva templates for all of the pages

You get a checklist of tracker ideas

Who is this for?

It's time... to get the best

Essential Tracker


Discover the easiest way to create digital downloadable products fast AND raise the quality of your work using these templates

Essential Trackers Quick Start Kit PLR

Grab Essential Trackers - Quick Start PLR Kit today to start creating and selling in this lucrative market

If you're looking for the confidence to get started or boost your printables business, this is it. This is what you need.

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Results Disclaimer:

Results are not guaranteed. I cannot guarantee that you will make good money or any money at all from using this course. I don't know your business, your skill level or how much effort you will put in to your work. I am providing you with templates and training to save time and learn new skills that may or may not result in earnings.


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