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It's Mitzy Thompson here. My latest release is a comprehensive video training course called...

Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit

Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit training course

Is your audience looking for a new niche which is both lucrative and has low competition?

This is the course your audience has been waiting for...

Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit - Discover the Smartest and Easiest Way to Create and Sell Beautiful In-Demand Spreadsheets on Etsy

There is so much opportunity in this niche and it doesn't matter if your audience has never created a spreadsheet before.

This training is suitable for beginners and covers everything from pretty design and color choices to formulas and formatting!

And, these types of spreadsheets don't need to be sold on Etsy, they can be sold anywhere... on another marketplace, on your own blog, on your self-hosted eCommerce store, anywhere!

This launch is on WarriorPlus.

This is what the funnel looks like...

(you can click on the image to see the Sales Page for each product)

Front End: Comprehensive video training course on creating Pretty Spreadsheet products (Google Sheets) easily and fast. Includes implementation with over-the-shoulder video training creating a pretty spreadsheet from scratch ($97 value, launch price: $29)

OTO 1: 5x PLR Spreadsheets (Google Sheets). Includes - 5 Google Sheets (minimum of 2 tabs each), Etsy-style listing description, Canva templates for title designs and 25 Low-Competition Keywords (5 keywords for each spreadsheet) ($127 value, during Pretty Spreadsheets launch: $67)

Total funnel: $96.00

Affiliate commission: 50% throughout the funnel

Launch starts: Friday, March 17th, 2023 at 9am Eastern

Launch ends: Sunday, March 26th, 2023 at 11.59pm Eastern

Please note: After the launch ends, the price for Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit will immediately go up to $47. Soon after that it will go up to full price of $97.

Similarly, immediately at the end of the Pretty Spreadsheets launch, OTO1 PLR Spreadsheets will go up to the full price of $127.00.

However, this is an evergreen funnel. If you miss the launch please contact me (mitzy@mitzythompson.com) to find out when I will offer a sale on these products.

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Email 1:


Subject: Create Stunning Spreadsheets for a New Product Line


Are you struggling to stand out with your digital products?


Are you looking for a unique and profitable product to add to your Etsy store or kickstart your online business?


Look no further than Mitzy’s new course, “Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit,” which teaches you how to create eye-catching spreadsheets that will not only impress your customers but could also provide you with a new product line.


You don’t need to be an expert in spreadsheets to benefit from this course. You will receive video training to take you through every step of the process, from choosing the perfect colors to designing custom images, formatting your spreadsheet and using formulas.


In Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit, you’ll learn how to create beautiful spreadsheets that not only look amazing but also make your customers’ lives easier, with user-friendly sheets, practical headings and columns, and helpful tips on content and formulas.


But that’s not all. All the training focuses on Google Sheets, so you don’t need to spend a cent on software.


Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit is designed to help you take your Etsy sales to the next level, with stunning spreadsheets that will set you apart from the competition and attract a passionate audience eager for beautiful and practical spreadsheets.


Right now, this training is available at a special launch price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to master the art of stunning spreadsheets.


-Grab your copy of Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit HERE [insert aff link]


To your success

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Email 2:


Subject: Elevate your sales with beautiful spreadsheets


Yesterday I told you about a new course called Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit, but I didn’t tell you everything that’s included.


I’m talking about a course that teaches you how to create beautiful-looking spreadsheets to sell on Etsy.


You might be thinking, “Spreadsheets? What do I know about spreadsheets?” But hear me out.


Spreadsheets are more than just boring tables and cells. With the right design and marketing techniques, they can be transformed into beautiful products that people are willing to pay top dollar for.


And the best part? You don’t even need to sell these on Etsy. You can sell spreadsheets anywhere – on your blog, in your Shopify store, on your WooCommerce shop, from your website etc


Here’s what’s included in the course:


-12 Comprehensive Learning Modules (teaching you how to create stunning spreadsheets)


-8 Over-the-shoulder Videos showing you an implementation for creating a pretty spreadsheet from scratch


-Tips and tricks through the course to show you how to create spreadsheets easily even if you’re a complete beginner


-A unique Cheat Sheet giving you 30 ideas for spreadsheets in non-financial niches (to make it even easier)


-Bonus Module – Teaching you advanced techniques for incorporating data visualization tools such as charts and graphs


Even if you have no design experience, this course will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to create beautiful spreadsheets that people will love.


This course is on a launch discount price for a short time only.


Grab your copy of Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit HERE [insert aff link]


To your success,

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Email 3:


Subject: Start earning a new stream of income with this new training


If you are still considering buying Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit, you should know….


The great thing about Mitzy’s new course, Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit, is that you can begin implementing the training without any additional expenses. No need for paid software. You can start creating beautiful spreadsheets, using Google Sheets, to sell on Etsy.


With Mitzy’s over-the-shoulder implementation you’ll be taken step-by-step from beginning to end of making a beautiful spreadsheet.


You can make a spreadsheet for any niche including financial and non-financial niches.


Sure, there is a learning curve. But this course is suitable for beginners and allows you to learn tips and tricks along the way to get a beautiful result.


This launch ends soon.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add an additional income stream to your business with minimal investment.


And, I want to mention, there’s one upsell… if you’re looking for a way to fast-track your spreadsheet creation, grab the upsell because it is a pack of 5 spreadsheets (Google Sheets) and they include PLR rights. Yes! That means you can edit these spreadsheets and sell them to your customers. This is a huge time saver.


>>Get Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit now [insert aff link]


To your success,


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Email 4:


Subject: Final Days! Act Fast Before the Price Goes Up


You’re running out of time to grab the discount for Mitzy’s spreadsheet course!


The current launch price of $29 for this over-the-shoulder video training will end soon. After the launch, the price will increase to its regular price of $97.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the best way to create pretty spreadsheets that appeal to customers and build your business.


Enroll in Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit here [insert aff link]


This course is packed with valuable video lessons and step-by-step guidance to give you the skills you need to make beautiful spreadsheets!


Hurry and take advantage of the launch price.


Enroll in Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit here [insert aff link]


To your success,


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Mitzy Thompson

Mitzy Thompson