Before you go to the training, you might be interested in these time-saving pretty spreadsheet templates. This offer is only available for a limited time.

PLR Spreadsheets Cover

Looking for ready-made beautiful in-demand spreadsheets (Google Sheets) with PLR rights included?

Grab these beautiful spreadsheets and use them to sell in your business. You can change the colors, edit the content, change the formulas and add or delete tabs - it's entirely up to you how much you want to do to turn them into your own products to sell.

These are high quality templates which you can edit in Google Sheets. You can use them as they are or change as much as you like to make them your own.

These spreadsheet templates will save you so much time. They'll help you to start selling spreadsheets faster than you ever thought possible.

But, there's so much more...

So... what's included?

Not only do you get the 5 spreadsheets included in five different niches but you also get a full package of extras for each one:

This PLR Spreadsheet pack includes:

Canva templates provided (these can be used with a Free or Pro Canva account)

The PLR license means you can edit these spreadsheets and sell them yourself, in your own store

PLR Spreadsheets Cover

That's 5 spreadsheets, in five niches, with 5 Etsy-style listing descriptions tailored to each spreadsheet.

Plus, you get the graphics as Canva templates, plus you get 25 low-competition keywords specially chosen for these niches!

This is the easiest way to start selling pretty spreadsheets without starting from scratch

So, which niches are included? Take a look here...

#1 Plant Watering Schedule Sheet: This Sheet offers 7 column headings and 25 rows to enter the details for 25 different plants. Dropdown options are offered along with features like consistent formatting and text wrapping.

Plant Watering Tracker Sheet: This sheet provides tracking for 31 days using checkboxes. The Plant Type and Location are automatically populated with data from the first Sheet. There is extra space in this Sheet for Notes.

#2 Weekly Cleaning Schedule Sheet: This first Sheet offers 8 column headings and 20 rows to enter different cleaning tasks. In this Sheet you have the added feature that you can allocate the person to do the task and you can record the cleaning products required. The cells are appropriately formatted and text is wrapped.

Weekly Cleaning Tracker Sheet: In the Tracker, you get the Cleaning Task, the Room and the Person Allocated automatically populated from the data in the first Sheet. The checkboxes on each row in the Weekly Cleaning Tracker are in alternating colors to make them easier to use.

#3 Home Inventory Sheet: This sheet offers 50 rows for item entries and 13 columns headings for the information to be recorded for each item. Each cell is appropriately formatted and text is wrapped.

In addition to the Home Inventory table this sheet also includes a separate table for Warranty Details to be entered for Household Items that come with a warranty.

Home Insurance Sheet: The Home Insurance sheet provides a table for home insurance details to be recorded. The total coverage is automatically calculated and the total value of home inventory from the Home Inventory Sheet is automatically populated from that sheet. The difference is then calculated using a formula in the difference cell.

This sheet also contains a Home-Related Contacts table for details to be recorded for each contact, such as Insurance Agent, Plumber etc

#4 Home Improvement Sheet: In the first Sheet you are provided with 9 column headings and 30 rows to enter all your Home Improvement Projects. There are dropdown options as well as cells formatted for text, dates, currency (in dollars) and more. The totals are automatically calculated.

Contractor Quotes Sheet: This Sheet includes 13 row headings and there are 4 separate tables for 4 separate projects to be recorded. You have columns to record information for 4 different quotes for each project. Each cell is appropriately formatted.

#5 House Hunting Sheet: This sheet provides a comprehensive table for the user to enter all the details they need about each property they are looking at. There are 19 headings (and each heading contains a sub-heading with mini instructions) to prompt them to include the information they need about each property they are interested in buying.

The white area is for user input. Each cell is appropriately formatted. All price cells are formatted to currency (dollars). All text cells are formatted to middle vertical alignment and the text is wrapped. The notes cell will easily fit 6 lines of text wrapped.

There are 4 tabs of identical Home Hunting sheets included for 4 different properties (obviously you can add more tabs if needed).

House Comparison Sheet: The House Comparison sheet includes 8 headings and all the cells are formatted for their purpose. Price cells are formatted to currency (dollars). All text cells are formatted to middle vertical alignment and wrapped.

This sheet includes a unique Rating heading and the column incorporates a dropdown box in each row with 1-5 stars as the options (no one else is doing this!! you get the advantage), for the user to rate each property.

Think about it... If you want to sell low-competition digital products on Etsy or elsewhere - pretty spreadsheets is the best place to be. When you edit and sell these beautiful Google Sheets, you can't go wrong!

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You get 5 pretty spreadsheets (Google Sheets) with at least 2 Sheets in each, with formulas and formatting included. You also get the graphics provided.

PLR Spreadsheets Etsy-style Listings images

You get 5 full page Etsy-style descriptions tailored to each spreadsheet to list it easily (this can be used to list anywhere). You also get 5 low-competition keywords for each.

These spreadsheets include formulas, the cells have been formatted, text cells have been wrapped, money cells have been formatted for dollars, cells throughout the design have been edited for consistency across each table.

All cells designed for user imput have been left white and other parts of the sheet are shaded in color. The color scheme for each sheet is professionally chosen to use complementary colors within the spreadsheet and all graphics have been designed to match the color scheme.

None of the cells are locked. Each spreadsheeet can be edited as soon as you receive it. If you want certain cells to be locked, this is for you to do before selling it.

All graphics can be removed and replaced. All colors of cells and text can be changed. All fonts (Google Sheets and Canva) are free fonts and can be changed.

The content within each spreadsheet has been specifically designed to meet the criteria expected for that sub-niche. However, you are free to change as much or as little of the content as you like.

You can separate sheets on different tabs to create separate spreadsheets. You can also combine different spreadsheets into one larger spreadsheet instead of offering them separately. The opportunities for using these spreadsheets are only limited by your imagination!

Are these PLR Spreadsheets right for you?

Saves you time and frustration

You get spreadsheets designed with matching elements and professional color schemes

These PLR spreadsheets are budget-friendly. You won't need to pay a fortune to get a spreadsheet specially made for you to sell

These spreadsheets can provide you with a new revenue stream filling your store fast with new content

These spreadsheets are easy-to-use making them quick to edit and customize to add your own style

Start a new business fast and easily by using these PLR spreadsheets to hit the ground running!

Grab these PLR Spreadsheets (with PLR Rights included) today to save time and sell high quality pretty spreadsheets now


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