Creating printable products

Worried you're too late to cash in on the printables market?

Hesitating to make printables when you feel so far behind?

You already know there are people out there earning thousands of dollars every month from selling simple printable products. Yet the thought of these people getting so far ahead makes you feel queasy. You feel like you'll never catch up. You should have started months ago!

What if you could discover the easiest ways to create printable products from scratch in the fastest time possible?

Just imagine...

Perfect printables created from scratch, in record time...

No PLR used.

No need for templates.

Your own designs, unique every time.

All free software used.


I like the sound of that!

Making Printables Fast

What if you could create bucket loads of printable products ready to list for sale, all in your spare time?


Rapid Printable Creation

Rapid Printable Creation



This is the comprehensive video training course you need. Discover how to create printables faster than you've ever done before.

Why do you need this training course?

Because it will accelerate your profits in the fastest possible way.

The faster you create your printables, the faster you list them for sale.

You've heard the expression "Money Loves Speed". And it applies to printables too!

This course will help you speed up your processes for creating each product.

And if you've never made a printable before, this is a great way to start with good habits so you'll achieve efficiency without going through the mistakes that so many of us have made before in this niche.

A printables business is one of the best places to make money online. The overheads are minimal and the time it takes to product a product is very little.

However, if you take a week to make one product you'll start to wonder why you aren't making enough money in your business.

And... if you're starting a printables shop without stock it's never going to work for you.

Money loves speed

By the time you finish this course you will have a system in place to make hundreds of in-demand printables in less than a day

This training course is for you...

Even if... you've never made a printable

Even if... you don't think you're creative

Even if... you don't own design software

Even if... you work a full-time job

Even if... you only have 15 min a day spare

In this course you will learn:

Course modules

Module 1 - Prepare Your Content

The two simple questions to answer to solve all of your content requirements for printables (this will eliminate procrastination at the beginning)

How to ensure you have a strong market for your printable product before you create it

How to keep your content preparation free and fast (you will see two methods including my fast-track worksheet which is provided)

Course modules

Module 2 - Perfect Page Layout

Why the most important step in printable creation is your page layout (and how to make sure you "get it right" from the start)

The best tips and tricks to create your page layout (so you can make printables faster than you ever thought possible)

Find out how to use different layouts for different purposes (so you can turn your customers into repeat buyers)

Course modules

Module 3 - Essential Design Elements

Why this step only takes one minute to consider but is critical to rapid printable creation (if you miss this step it could cost you hours of time)

This simple framework keeps you focused on a successful end result (and that gives your business a real boost)

Course modules

Module 4 - Keeping It Congruent

How to avoid the biggest newbie pitfall in printable creation (and save yourself a lot of frustration)

When in doubt, do this (the rules you need to know to create a professional looking printable to sell)

When crazy won't cut it (you can be creative but you need these must-have details in every printable design)

Course modules

Module 5 - All the Best Text Effects

Understand how to achieve the best text effects before you start (so you won't waste time searching for new fonts you don't need)

Tips and tricks so you're crystal clear about what you can create (and this is using free design software)

When opposites attract (so you can get the best result in the most efficient way)

Course modules

Module 6 - Turn Up The Speed

5 Ways to make sure you create printables faster than you've ever done before (number 4 really works well if you're already struggling)

Easy ways to increase productivity in your printables business without outsourcing (you've got this!)

The simplest way to increase productivity and make more sales at the same time (you'll love this win-win situation)

Course modules

Modules 7 - 12

Over-the-shoulder video training with detailed instructions for creating popular printables everyone loves including Planners, Journals, Trackers, Wall Art, Lists, Games (with the best tips for creating these printables fast)

Successfully making printables

Selling printables is a business that allows anyone to begin at zero

You don't need to invest hundreds of dollars to start creating printables, you don't need a wealth of experience and you don't even need graphic design skills

Creating printables is easy

This course includes video training modules in sections 1-6 with easy-to-follow worksheets included in each module

You'll also receive over-the-shoulder video lessons in sections 7-12 covering popular printable products that are selling like hot cakes right now

Bonus: along with each over-the-shoulder training you will receive a cheat sheet with important product ideas full of details to allow you to hit the ground running (that's 6 cheat sheets in total with 120 detailed ideas included)

Stop wondering what could have been! Start implementing these rapid creation techniques and build your printables business fast

Think about it... a lot of people are looking for printables. Just take a look at the figures. Could these people be your future customers?

Google US searches per mth for the word "printables" - 14,800

Etsy US searches per month for the word "printable" - 20,537

Amazon US Searches per mth for the word "printables" - 15,000


Source: eRank

Source: eRank

Just imagine how many more searches there are on top of these numbers when you start including keywords like birthday printable, wedding printables, printable invitation, printables for kids, abc printables, budget printables, education printables, party printables, nursery printable, wall art printable, printable worksheets, printable planner, and the list goes on!

There's no reason to wait. You can create it all, using free tools. You'll be shown all the instructions you need to get those printables created faster than you ever imagined.

Printable products

Learn the secret to rapid printable creation to move forward in your business.

Discover the secret to successfully creating fast printables from scratch so you're offering unique products every time (no more worries about when and where you can use PLR products or other people's templates)

Rapid Printable Creation modules

Create hundreds of printables

in hours

not days

(see the bonus module for the exact details to achieve 120+ printables)

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"I’ve had the opportunity to go through Mitzy’s latest course, Rapid Printable Creation. Having created courses myself teaching you how to create printables, and having taken courses by others in the printables market, I didn’t know what to expect. But her course - well - that’s beyond everything I’ve ever seen. She’s taking you through so much, and it’s so well structured. So if you have ever considered starting selling printables online - buy this course and be up and running within a few hours." - Cecilie

"When Mitzy gave me a copy of her new course Rapid Printable Creation I was thrilled. I have taken her courses before and I always learn more than I thought. The course definitely helped me and I loved the over the shoulder videos. I think you will get more out of this course than you expect. If you've taken one of Mitzy's courses before you know what I mean. It is value packed. She over delivers every time. Highly recommended." - Chris H

Discover how to make 120+ printables in less than a day even if you've never made a printable before!

Rapid Printable Creation

Grab Rapid Printable Creation today to fast-track your business

What's included?

6 Comprehensive Video Training Lessons (showing you the best techniques to make printables fast)

6 Printable Worksheets (to take you through the course seamlessly)

6 Over-The-Shoulder Training Videos Making Printables (covering six popular printables selling well right now)

Access To Canva Templates For Each Printable Created in Modules 7-12 (including PLR rights to these printables)

Infographic To Discover How To Bring It All Together As Your Own System For Rapid Printable Creation

120 Printable Product Ideas Categorized in 6 Cheat Sheets (to let you hit the ground running)

Bonus Module (giving you the exact details on how to implement this method to create 120+ products in less than a day - just imagine what you can achieve in a weekend!)

Grab your copy today of this comprehensive video training course to discover how to create printables faster than you've ever done before

Results are not guaranteed. I cannot guarantee that you will make good money or any money at all from using this course. I don't know your business, your skill level or how much effort you will put in to your work. I am providing you with training to learn new skills that may or may not result in earnings.

Mitzy Thompson

Mitzy Thompson

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