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It's Mitzy Thompson here. My latest release is a comprehensive video training course called...

Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales

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Is your audience sick and tired of seeing courses on AI that promise the world and deliver nothing useful?

It's time to get back to some genuinely popular money-making topics...

And one of those is Digital Scrapbooking.

There is so much opportunity in this niche and it doesn't matter if your audience has never tried this hobby themselves. There are tens of thousands of searches on Etsy for Digital Scrapbooking products every month.

Creating Digital Scrapbooking items is fun and the way I teach it in my new course, it is fast.

It's an evergreen niche and best of all you get repeat customers.

My latest course launch is called Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales - How To Simply Create One Unique Digital Paper Design And Easily Turn It Into 6 Different Products To Sell.

This is the easiest way to make great sales in the Digital Scrapbooking niche.

This is what the funnel looks like...

(you can click on the image to see the Sales Page for each product)

Front End: Comprehensive video training course on creating Digital Scrapbooking products easily and fast ($87 value, launch price $27)

OTO 1: Full video training course on creating tiny printables ($47 value, during Scrapbooking launch: $37)

OTO 2: Package deal of 160+ Digital Papers with PLR Reseller License (Canva templates), $127 value, price during launch: $67

Total funnel: $131.00

Affiliate commission: 50% throughout the funnel

Launch starts: Friday, April 21st, 2023 at 9am Eastern

Launch ends: Sunday, April 30th, 2023 at 11.59pm Eastern

Please note: After the launch ends, the price for Savvy Digital Scrapbooking will immediately go up to $47. Later it will go up to full price of $87.

Similarly, immediately at the end of the Scrapbooking launch, Tiny Printables To Sell will go up to the full price of $47 and the Digital Papers Pack with Resell rights will go up to $127.

However, this is an evergreen funnel. If you miss the launch please contact me (mitzy@mitzythompson.com) to find out when I will offer a sale on these products.

Email Swipes:

Email 1:


Subject: Elevate your product line and sell to a passionate hobby-focused audience


Are you wondering if there is an easier way to make sales?


Are you looking for the right product to complement your current printables or digital product business? Or perhaps you’re looking to start your online business from scratch?


Once you know the technique, there is an easy way you can transform one digital product into a range of 6 other products in the shortest time possible.


My friend, Mitzy Thompson, has just released a brand new training called Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales.


You’re not a Digital Scrapbooker? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be to benefit from this niche!


This course will not only teach you how to create multiple products fast, it will also reveal how to optimize your profits through targeted marketing techniques.


This is a comprehensive video training course with all the tips and tricks you need to create beautiful digital products that are being searched for by a content-hungry audience that is passionate about their hobby.


Mitzy’s course is designed to teach you how to create one digital paper in a way that it can be repurposed into 6 more unique products, unlocking endless possibilities for your product line.


Don’t wait to take your business to the next level!


These are the digital products that will boost your results.


This full training course is on a launch price for a short time only.


>>Grab your copy of Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales here [insert aff link]


To your success,
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Email 2:


Subject: Create multiple products with ease in this hot niche


Yesterday I told you about a new brand new course called Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales: How to simply create one unique digital paper design and easily turn it into 6 different products to sell.


Creating these products in the Digital Scrapbooking niche is not only fun but there’s a ready-made audience where you can see repeat sales.


The easiest way to increase your sales is with repeat customers. Any printables or digital product shop owner will tell you this. If you can give your customers what they want, they’ll keep coming back.


But… in Digital Scrapbooking we’re not just talking about any customers, we’re talking about passionate hobby-focused people who love what they do. These are the best customers any seller could wish for.


So, what’s included in Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales?


-12 Comprehensive Video Training Lessons (showing you the best techniques to make multiple products from one)
-12 Printable Worksheets (to take you through the course seamlessly)
-8 Over-The-Shoulder Training Videos Making Digital Scrapbooking Elements (covering six popular printables selling well right now)
-Access to unique Canva Templates to Help You Create Digital Scrapbooking Products Faster (only available in this course)
-Infographic To Discover How To Package Your Digital Scrapbooking Products Together (to make more sales)
-Cheat Sheet (giving you the most popular themes so you can hit the ground running)
-Bonus Module (showing you how to create Digital Scrapbooking frames)


If you’ve never sold products in the Digital Scrapbooking niche before, it doesn’t matter.


In this course you’ll see everything you need to know to be confident about creating and selling Digital Scrapbooking products.


You get the information AND the over-the-shoulder video training to show you how to do it.


This brand new course is on a discount price for a short time only.


>>Grab your copy of Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales here [insert aff link]


To your success,
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Email 3:


Subject: Looking for a new income stream that’s already in high demand?


When you’re thinking about buying a new course, you want to know what you’re getting. Is there a catch?


One of the things I love about Mitzy Thompson’s new course, Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales, is that you can take the training and implement it for free.


Yes, that’s right. You don’t need any paid software to use Mitzy’s training and to start making money in the Digital Scrapbooking niche.


All the tools you require are free AND there’s no added training needed to start creating these digital products.


Everything is included in the course. You’ll learn the best (and fastest) way to create Digital Scrapbooking products AND the best approach to market them. This is valuable information.


Best of all, you’re creating products for an established hobby niche where there’s an ongoing need for this type of content.


Mitzy takes you through the training step-by-step and shows you the best way to choose low competition options to ensure you make sales early.


If you’re looking for an extra income stream, focus on this established market and discover all the short-cuts to success in Mitzy’s course.


Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales won’t be this price for much longer. Grab it while you can on a steep discount.


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To your success,
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Email 4:

Subject: Final Days, You’ll Need To Be Fast


This is one of those opportunities you’ll regret if you miss it.


Mitzy’s latest training course, Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales, will be going up in price soon.


The launch ends on Sunday, April 30th at 11.59pm. After that the price immediately goes up to $47 and soon after that it goes to it’s regular price of $87.


>Grab Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales here [insert aff link]


This is a comprehensive video training course and if you’ve ever enrolled in one of Mitzy’s courses before you’ll know she over delivers.


The current price is ridiculously low. This is a huge opportunity to grab this training at a bargain price!


>>Grab Savvy Digital Scrapbooking Sales here [insert aff link]


Hurry, this is a great opportunity!


To your success,
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Mitzy Thompson

Mitzy Thompson